Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Trunk or Treat

These are actually from last Thursday.  Good morning boys!
Another memory from Facebook.  Look at Ariel!

Noah is crawling backwards!
Karate.  They encouraged the kids to wear their costumes.

 Ariel still seems a bit lost.
 Ariel and Sammy waiting their turn.

 I'm not sure what the tunnel was about but Ariel liked it.

That night was Holland Harvest and the first time for Trunk or Treat. (this is the end of Halloween, I promise!)
They were begging people to decorate their cars and give out candy.  They ended up with over 50 cars!  We will do it one year.  Here's our neighbor Susy!
 None of the pictures I took came out but you get the idea.
 Ariel and Aden ran from car to car.  They were so excited.

 Aden with Finn and Ben.
 They had a hay ride.  The tractor was driven by Jack's dad Mike.

 Then it was inside for more festivities.  The twins were a hit.  People kept running off with them.

Eli has the best expressions.
 Noah so serious.
 My boys.

Uh oh, everyone is getting tired.
Poor Eli.
Passed out in my arm.
We walked right by Spooky Hallway.  There was no way we were going there this year.  The kids are still traumatized from last year.
Someone needed to make a mess before bed.

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