Sunday, November 22, 2015

Never Enough Donuts

Hi.  It's Sunday night.  Having a lot of trouble getting the kids to bed.  I guess they are not tired because we did nothing this weekend.  Like really nothing.  We barely left the house.  So I have very few pictures to share.  It was kind of nice just laying around the house and watching tv.  Especially as I have a feeling the next couple of weeks might be a little crazy.  

Last week, Amy and I had an awesome lunch at the White Dog Cafe on Penn's campus in the City.
 Which we washed down with some Federal Donuts.  Yummy.  They make them while you wait do they are hot!
 That night I took Ariel to ballet.  The room she's in is totally blocked off so I can't get those sneaky shots that I get of Aden.  Speaking of Aden, he refused to go so we gave him the night off.
 We have to start thinking about the baby proofing.  We had the house totally done for baby Aden but now it's 6 years later and most of the gates are down and the locks are missing or broken.  (I bet Melissa remembers the toilet locks!)  Eli already has this lock figured out.

 We can just about dump the babies in the playroom and get stuff done around the house.

 Ms. Cranky.
 The babies look so small hanging out in the playroom.

 They are getting really physical with each other!
 We found one of Aden's old Breezy Point Thanksgiving projects.

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