Thursday, September 1, 2016

Milk the Cow

It's Thursday night and there really is a hurricane coming!  I'm not sure what that means for the holiday weekend.  Eli and Noah are both doing well, in case you were wondering.  Aden is starting to admit that he likes school.  He also voluntarily practiced the piano tonight!  Ariel thankfully had a play date today but she has been bouncing off the walls.  She is so ready for school.  Let's get back to last weekend.  

Somehow Aden knew how to milk a cow.
 It was really hot out so we hit the splash area.
If you look through the tunnel you will see Aden, Ariel and Eva.

The boys are on the loose!

Yes, Aden was pole dancing on the North Pole.  (it was freezing!)
My dad got Aden a snorkel and mask.
Slurping spaghetti.
Helping daddy clean and set up.

We actually made it to the beach.  We only went maybe 4 times the whole summer!
It was a beautiful day.
 Ariel ran into the water!  That was something new.
 Ariel with her friends Maya and Greg.
 Where are you going Eli?

 Next Summer we are going to have another baby on the beach!

 What's coming Eli?
 Playing with grandmom.

 Glad we finally made it out.
 Nomi made her yearly visit.  I wish we saw them more often!  Everyone have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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