Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bonk Your Brother

So Noah learned a new trick.  After we put him to bed, he takes off his shorts and diaper and pees over the side of the crib.  Thankfully we have onesies that still fit him.  I got my iPhone 7 plus today.  Not having the best time setting it up and it's huge!  It's almost 9 and we can't drag Aden away from the tv.  He's watching the first night of Survivor!  I think he wants to try it!  Before season 2, a hundred years ago, I was approached by a scout for the show but I blew him off.  I probably should have done it!  Melissa is laughing now.  Here are some more random pics from last week.  

We woke up to Ariel's doll collection outside our room.
Ariel had swim in the big pool because they were having problems with the small pool.  Even though it's deep and cold, she seemed happy.

 Yes, Noah likes to hit Eli on the head.
 Since Aden's piano lessons were going so well, we decided to start Eli too.

Ariel's ocd.
 This was at the car dealer.  I thought it was cute.
 Playdate at Nate's house!

 It's not easy to pick up Ariel at school.  She's always having so much fun she doesn't want to leave.

 Winston next door is great with the boys.  It's funny to watch the three of them play.

 We let Ariel go with the neighbor girls to the school playground, as long as there is a parent.  
 She was there till almost dark, so I had to go find her.
 It's funny that a 6th grader and 1st grader would want to hang with Ariel.  

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