Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Eli's Hair

So there was something the rain did yesterday, it made millions of bugs appear.  I took Aden to soccer practice and you could barely see through all the bugs.  I don't know how many I ate.  It was awful.  My iPhone 7 plus is coming tomorrow.  That's exciting.  It's so big, but if Melissa can handle it, I guess I can.  Here are a bunch of random pics from last week.

Best buds.

 Why is the pack and play still in our room.
 Back to the trouble with twins.

 At least they clean up after themselves.
 Soccer practice.  I want Ariel to give it a try again.

A quick trip to the shore.  We had some things to do.  
 Stylin' rides.

 He's escaping!
 Aden had school pictures coming up and needed a haircut.
 The boys were watching everything.
 Eli broke out and went after every cord in the place.
 It took 19 months but it was finally time to get the hair out of Eli's eyes.  Aden had his first haircut before 1.  Noah still has another six months until he will need one.  Eli was ready to go!
 It happened really fast.  He didn't have time to react.
 He was good.

 Just a few snips and he looks so different.
 My big baby boy.
 Back to the cords.
 Let's get out of here.

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