Thursday, September 8, 2016

Where is Hurricane Hermine?

It's Thursday night and we are not packing for the shore.  So sad.  So sad.  Aden started soccer tonight and Ariel had swim.  Aden also had his first homework of the year.  It's the new reality.  Eli's hand is healing well.  The blisters finally burst and it's nice fresh skin underneath.  I have the Good Dinosaur on behind me.  It's cute.  Anyway.

So last weekend we didn't go to the shore because of the impending hurricane.  I went for the day Saturday to get some things done.  I left at 7 in the morning, thinking I could sneak past the kids but Ariel saw me and insisted on going.  Aden is fine for long trips, he can get lost in a movie.  Ariel, on the other hand, sometimes needs to be entertained.  She asked questions the whole way down.  Her friend Sydney was there so I dropped her off and went to Juniors for my last doughnut of the season.  It was warm.  Yummy.  
The skies were dark and gloomy.  It was windy and cool.  There was even some flooding.  It really did look like the hurricane was coming.
 Ariel with Sydney and her brother.  
 I got to see a friend's baby.  
 Ariel then joined me.

We went to go check out the beach.  It was empty.  The waves were crazy.

 They shored up the dunes.
 We went to see our friends that live right on the beach.  Ariel had her second play date.
 Nice view.  We were back by dinner time.
 Ariel's new doll.
 Waiting for that storm to come.
 Apple anyone?
 Uh oh!
 I'm not sure why we still have a pack n play in our room.  Noah seems to enjoy it though.

 My family came over for dinner.
 I bought these things like six months ago and finally got them together.  

 Love bubbie's cane.
 So, as you all know, the hurricane was a bust.  That's a good thing but many weekend plans were ruined.  We missed a nice weekend at the shore.  I saw this on Instagram.  Thought it was funny.  Have a great weekend!

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