Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Kyleigh and Her Boys

It's Tuesday night and it took a lot longer than usual to get all the kids to bed.  The older ones played outside with the neighbors till well after dark.  A telemarketer just called.  How do we get that to stop?  It's so annoying.  I lost my key fob at soccer last week.  Those things are almost $500 to replace.  Thankfully, the school found it.  I ran out and got bluetooth tags to put on all of our keys so if they get more than 30 feet from our phones, the tags and phones will freak out.  These are just some random pictures from last week.

The boys were doing some work in the garage.

 Aden does not like to read unless he is forced to.  This was the first time I ever saw him reading without being told.  He really likes that book!
 Kissy time in bed.

 The twins like to help mommy with the mail.
 Playing some video games.

 Ice cream social at Aden's school.  That's his first grade teacher sitting there.  If you remember, Aden was in school when the twins were bern.  I texted Mrs. Gainsley a picture of the babies and she put it up on the board to surprise Aden.

 The twins ran around with the big kids.
 That's Aden's teacher now talking to Amy.
 The boys were very interested in Kyleigh.

 We went outside to play a little.

 I love these moments!
 Kyleigh's mom and dad are getting married on Friday!  She will be one seriously cute flower girl.

 Aden wrestled with his buddies.  

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