Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Packing for a Trip

It's Wednesday night.  Just watched the end of America's Got Talent.  How did that little girl win?  It was hot today but only in the 70's tomorrow.  That will be shocking.  Let's finish off last week.

Where are you going boys?
First practice for the CRUSA U10 Knights!
It was nice to get back out there.
 Aden is with a bunch of buddies.

 Playing around at Ben & Irvs.

 Checking out the sweets.
 Ariel started swim again at the NAC.  

 I miss going in the pool with her.  I will have to bring the babies back.
 What are you up to Noah?
 18 Month Checkup!  They finally meet all their developmental milestones!  I guess they aren't preemies anymore.  They are also like 10-20% for height and weight.  They followed the doctor into the hall and he played with them out there.

 Practicing their piano.
 Over to grandmom's for dinner and swimming.  

 Hey Cooper.

 Bathing beauties.

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