Monday, September 19, 2016

Hide the Binkie

It's Monday night and the Eagles are playing the Bears.  It's early in the game but the Eagles are looking good.  It finally rained today for the first time in months!  It felt weird.  Hopefully the grass will be less brown now.  

Ariel had a birthday party at her friend Emily's house on the river in Yardley.  That's a really neat area that I don't normally drive through.
 It was a rockstar and diva party.  Lot's of stuff for the kids to dress up with,
 First some makeup and jewelry making.

 My grown up girl.

 Then it was tine for the fashion show. 

The adoring crowd.
 Some more games.

 Fun time!
 This was posted by the synagogue.  Noah and I are famous!
 The twins in yellow and green are back in Ariel's class after a couple of years of being in a different class.  I still can't tell them apart.
 Music class!

 Where is the guitar?
Does he look like me?

 So serious.

 So Eli was playing near the big bag of instruments.  When we were leaving we couldn't find his binkie. 
We found it buried in the bag!

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