Sunday, September 18, 2016

Aden Needs Some Dodgeball Lessons

It's Sunday night at 10:17 and we are just about to start watching the Emmy's.  I think I might last 10 minutes before I'm snoring. We had a quiet weekend.  No parties.  Just soccer, dance and Hebrew school.  So I don't have many pictures to share.  Back to last weekend.

We went with friends to dinner at Erini in Jersey.  We really like it there.  Look who was sitting next to us!  Amy's parents and their friends.  They were celebrating Clarisse's birthday a little late.

Sunday morning was the first day of Hebrew School.  The families got together for some announcements and then the kids left with their teachers.  
Aden is at the back of the group with the red backpack.  He has a few friends in the class and seems ok with it so far.
Then the parents chatted and ate bagels.
Ariel's friend Ashely was there.

Let's get out of here!
Aden had a birthday party at Skyzone with his school friends.
They played dodgeball the whole time.
 Cheyenne telling the boys how it is.

 My girl Kyleigh.  I so need to bring the twins to this place.

 Let's go for a walk!

 The babies try to keep up with the big kids.

A typical night in the backyard.  

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