Monday, September 5, 2016

One More Trip to the ER

It's Monday night.  Labor Day.  Summer is over.  Bummer.  Even more of a bummer is how it ended.  We did not go to the Shore this weekend because of the threatened hurricane, which never came.  I did drive down with Ariel on Saturday for a bit to pick up some stuff and it did look threatening out but Sunday and Monday turned out to be beautiful days.  Aden starts soccer and Hebrew school next weekend and the Eagles play so we are done going down for now.  I guess it's hard to complain, the weather the rest of the summer was great so missing one weekend is not so bad.  We did have fun at home and actually got some things accomplished.  

I'm all the way back at last Saturday night with the pictures.  As I mentioned, Eli grabbed a flat iron off the counter and screamed.  His hand didn't look good so Amy and I took him to Shore Memorial Hospital in Somer's Point.  We have been there many times but this was Eli's first trip.  It's nice because there is almost never a wait.  Eli didn't want to sit.  Too much to see.
 We soaked his hand in cold water for a while then they wrapped it.  They said it was second degree burns but he was lucky for the locations.  Not on a joint.  
 He calmed down and we headed out.  
 Since we were in Somer's Point we picked up some Smitty's for dinner.
 We were surprised at how long he wore the bandages.
 Sunday morning Eva and Aden were bonding.

 Cooper was eyeing those pancakes.
 The boys finally woke up!  Eli had the bandages around his neck!

 Pool time.

 The water probably felt good on his hand.

 Aden always has the need to throw things.

 Gotta love creamsicles.

Blow kisses good bye!

We stopped at Gand Lux in Cherry Hill for dinner on the way home.

Have I told you how hard it is to eat out?!?!

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