Thursday, September 15, 2016

Knights Win! Knights Win!

First soccer game!  It was so ridiculously hot at 11 in the morning. Amy came late with the babies and didn't stay long.  The kids don't care though.  They were ready to go.

Lined up to get the rules.
So many of Aden's buddies.

 Jake's dad brought the tent.  It was the only shade around.
 Ariel had Lily so she was happy.

It was so hot, they made really fast substitutions.

Aden's turn out.
 He played defense first and didn't get a lot of action.  The other team wasn't that good so the ball stayed near their goal.

 No he's in the middle of it.

 I like this pic.

 He ends up on the ground a lot.

These two kids were on the same team.  What a huge difference!

 Good game!  Our guys won 5-0!  Aden was so excited.
 The boys being silly on their sofa.

 Where are you going Eli?
 Ok, just climbing the bookcase.  No worries here.  On that note, have a great weekend!

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