Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cheerleading Party

It's Wednesday night and I'm ready for bed so let's just get this done!  The first morning of Hanukkah, the kids were excited to see what the elves did.

 That night, Ariel had cheerleading practice, then her party.
 Ariel is now getting up on another girl's back!
 They had the cutest party for them.
 Ariel and Ashely.

 They had a bow exchange.

 All the girls.

 While we were there, Amy was helping out at Aden's Hanukkah Hop.  
The kids were dancing all night.
Back to light the candles.

 And open some more presents.  
 The elves made this tower of books.  The twins knocked it down before the big kids could so it so good thing I took a picture!

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