Monday, December 18, 2017

Ariel Chloe and Emily

It's Monday night.  Aden wishes he was up watching the Monday night game.  Last night we all slept well.  I woke up at 7 with just Amy in bed with me.  No kids!  That was a first for a while.  Maybe we can start a trend!  We gave the kids the last of their Hanukkah presents tonight.  It's enough already! One more night with the elves.  I'm running out of ideas!  One more post from last weekend.  This is a bunch of pictures from Ariel's playdate with Chloe and Emily.  She was so excited about this day.  She had been talking about it forever.  I'm amazed it worked out.  
 First a little play inside.

 Then they insisted on going sledding!  We had to scrounge around to get clothes for them to wear.  
 He hiked out to the hill behind our house.
 Look at Ariel's face.  
Time to sled!

 These pics make the hill look way bigger than it is.
 Go Emily!

 My angel!
Uh oh.  What are you doing with those snowballs?

They got me!

 Ok enough of that.
 Inside for birthday cake.  I know, it's past Ariel's birthday but Chloe missed it so she brought a cake!
 Thanks for coming girls!

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