Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Ariel's 6th Birthday

It's a rainy Tuesday night.  It took forever to get the kids to sleep tonight.  We are exhausted.  There are from last week.  

Pick up at school!  They were anxious to show me around.
 That's the sad chair!  
 Ariel is having trouble speaking with all the missing teeth!

 Ariel's birthday!  She got a special hat and a hug from Mrs. Melba.

 Amy took her out of school early.  They had lunch then painted pottery.

I drove to the shore with Jason to close up the house.  We brought in all the furniture pretty quickly then we headed to Dino's for steaks.  Yummy.
The Jagielky's for turtles.
 Jason wanted to walk on the beach.  The dunes are still being built.
 Crazy we could walk on the beach the last week of November and it was so nice.
 The dunes aren't as bad as I thought they would be.

 Pretty pic.
 Ok, time to drive the 1:45 home.
 Ariel opening a Hatchimal.  

 Off to Cheerleading.

 Then we met Ashley's family for dinner.  We decided to celebrate the girls together.

 Ariel had a super fun birthday!

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