Thursday, December 7, 2017

Back to BounceU

They had a dinner tonight at the synagogue for the brotherhood.  John Runyan, former Eagle and NJ Congressman was the speaker.  That was interesting.  He answered tons of questions about the NFL, where he is in charge of rules now, and being in Congress.  I will tell more about it later.  Tomorrow is Friday.  We have a busy weekend coming up including Ariel's school play, finally (all these practices having been driving us crazy) and Gwen's birthday party but now they are saying it could snow?  

Last Friday headed to class.
 It was Aiden's birthday.  
 They love doing art.
 Aden's class went to see the movie Wonder.  He loved it.  He read the book and was excited to go.
That night Gwen, Eva and those other 2 came over to hang.  
 The kids had fun.

 Saturday, Amy and I took Ariel to her friend Aiden's birthday party.  Eva was there too!  I hadn't been to Bounce U in a while.  Man I don't like that place.  
Ariel loves playing with her school friends.
 The birthday boy.
 I want to get one of these things for my basement.  We just saw this at the Princeton Playspace.  Games are projected onto the floor and interact with the kids.  It's cool.

 Pizza and cake time.

My dad took Aden to a Flyers game while we were out.  
 That night was quiet.  No sitter.  

 Have a great weekend!

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