Sunday, December 24, 2017

Hanukkah on Christmas

Fitting that I do a Hanukkah post on Christmas Eve.  I know no one will be looking at this post tomorrow but I don't want to get too far behind.  Last weekend we had several celebrations.  At Hebrew school, Aden did some fun projects like making dreidels from marshmallows and pretzel sticks.  

 We went to my parent's house for the annual Hanukkah brunch.  
 My grandmother was excited to be surrounded by all the kids.
 The twins had so many new toys to play with, and that was before they opened any presents.
 Uh, when are we opening the presents?

 We had lots of fun food.
 Present time!

 The Hatchimal is hatching!
 That night, Amy and I went to a holiday party with a bunch of people from synagogue in Newtown.  We met a lot of nice people.

 I think this is what the elves did Saturday night.
 Fishing anyone?  Merry Christmas!

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