Sunday, December 10, 2017

Practice Our Prayers

Well that was an interesting weekend.  We had Ariel's play Friday night.  She did amazing.  Most of our plans on Saturday got cancelled due to a pretty unexpected snow storm.  All week long into Saturday morning they kept saying some snow but it wouldn't stick.  But stick it did, almost 7 inches of it!  The roads were a mess and it was cold and windy.  Seems a little early for that.  Today was nicer.  I went sledding with Ariel and couple of her friends and we finally got to celebrate Gwen's first birthday.  The Eagles capped the weekend with a huge win, now we just have to hold our breath about Wentz.

Last Sunday we had swim class way too early in the morning.
 It was Eli's turn.

Hey Nate?
 My happy boy!

 Eli and Nate on the boat.

 Fun time at swim.
 Eli ran onto the basketball court and grabbed a ball.
 Aden had a friend over and we played outside.
 All football all the time.

 The boys ended up watching football and looking up stats on their iPads.  Amy loved how they shared a blanket.
 That night Becky and Larry and the kids came for dinner.

 Amy made Aden read his prayers to them.

 Dress up time!

 Poor Noah.
 Eli escaped.

 Thanks for coming!

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