Thursday, December 28, 2017

Which Princess Is Your Favorite?

It's Thursday night.  We just got back from dinner.  It's like 14 degrees out.  We got to see Elaine and the kids which was nice.  Looks like we aren't going to the shore at all during the break.  I really wanted to but there isn't much to do when it's so cold out.  Back to last weekend.  

Friday was Eva's 4th birthday.  We went over for cake.  Eli loves birthday cake.

 Gwen is standing!

The kids all played cute.
 Saturday the twins got much needed haircuts.  
 Ariel just came for the candy.

 The hair is out of his eyes!
 Then Amy and I took Ariel to see Disney on Ice.  

 Ariel couldn't decide which princess she loved the best.
 Such fun things to buy!

 Ariel loved it.  

Have a great weekend!

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