Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Sad Chair

It's Wednesday night.  The older kids have been staying up watching tv with us.  Amy is getting soft.  The boys are talking non stop but we are still having trouble understanding what they are saying.  They do seem to know the words to songs, which is cute.  Music class last week.  Eli was ready to go!
 ELi had a ton of fun.
 He copied Miss Marylin's moves.

Noah was quiet.

 So, I have been going to a trainer at the gym twice a week since the Spring.  I wear a heart monitor so the trainer can monitor me.  I get points for how hard I exercise.  I need to get 1300 points in a month to get to the lowest level. The first 8 months, I never even got close to 1300.  Somehow in November I did!  I have to do 1300 points the next 2 months to get to the next level.  I can't get to the gym enough to do that so I need to exercise at work.  

 Bread anyone?
 We put out a sad chair like they have at school.  Noah could not wait sit in the sad chair.
 An impromptu concert.

 Ariel in the sad chair.

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