Tuesday, December 12, 2017

We All Need Pajama Day

It's Tuesday night and I hear the wind howling.  Tomorrow is supposed to be ridiculously cold and windy.  We lit the candles tonight for the first night of Hanukah which means the elves will be up to no good, or so Ariel hopes.  Aden is starting to think I might be somewhat involved with the elves mischief.  It's a bit of a bummer when the kids get older.  Those elves better think of something quickly if they need my help because I'm ready for bed.  

Last week, the boys had pajama day.

 They showed me their tree.

 Hey Rabbi Eric!
 The second to last music class of the year.  
 Eli was very into it.
 My boy!
 We all love Marilyn's lap.

 Having fun boys?

 Uh oh, where is she hiding?
 These balls light up.
 So let's turn off the lights!

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