Thursday, December 21, 2017

In the Red

It's the night before winter break.  It's also the first day of Winter!  and to top it al off, Noah has been going on the potty all day!  He wore one diaper all day and it was dry!  Don't ask about Eli, that will be months away but we have a shot with Noah!  I was really hoping to start after the break because this will make break that much harder.  Anyway, back to last week.  

Me at Dave and Busters playing some games!

 This was the Hanukkah party at synagogue.  Big crowd.

 There was a dj and the kids danced a lot.

 Ariel found Ashley.

 Even the twins had a lot of fun.
 This was the next morning.  Rebecca and Logan had enough of the elves and their mischief so they taped them up.

 School time!

 I wear a belt during my workouts that keeps track of my heart.  I spent that day in the red!
 Friday we had a pretty strong snowstorm.  The roads were awful.  It took people hours to get home.  

 I had to go out a little.  I saw accidents everywhere.  
 Present time!

 Dot dot.
 It's great watching them all play.  Have a great weekend.  My postings will probably be sporadic over the break.  

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