Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dock's Oyster House

Last night sucked.  The babies wouldn't sleep.  I have a bad feeling about tonight.  They say the antibiotics take a couple of days so hopefully they will be feeling better soon.  There were some weird white balls falling from the sky today.  Not quite now, not quite hail.  The twins turn 2 in less than 2 weeks and we still don't have any plans!  Those poor kids.  We are partied out from Aden and Ariel.  

Back to last week.  Ariel changes Rebecca's clothes constantly.  Then she throws the "dirty" clothes in her hamper.  We have to remember to take them out before we wash her stuff.
 A boy and his vacuum cleaner.
 We had a crazy windstorm.  We woke to find our stuff scattered and our barbecue on it's side.
 I ran around collecting everything but I couldn't budge the barbecue.
 I had to drive to the shore for work.  I took the rainbow highway!
 Then I went down to 20,000 leagues under the sea.  All I can say is Elon Musk has a crazy sense of humor.  There are little easter eggs hidden all over the car.  
 Someone brought a huge pool to a convention.
 Barbie had the right idea.

 A very nice dinner at Dock's.  One of the oldest restaurants in the country.  
Now that's some lamb.  Yes, no oysters for me.  
 I couldn't resist a quick trip to Jagielky's to get some turtles.
 I like to take selfies in mirrored elevators.
 While I was away, Ariel had a playdate with Sam.  

 They are buddies.  
 Party time!

 Everyone was happy to have me home.
 Ariel and I read her classmates new years resolutions together.  
 Not sure about the picture.  

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