Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Candy Everywhere

Tonight was the first night since the Fall that all the neighbors were outside.  It was nice.  It's funny, before the twins just stayed in their stroller or didn't even come out but they were running around like crazy tonight so it felt like more kids than usual.  I also saw an ant in the kitchen.  That's a sure sign of Spring too.  I haven't found all his friends yet though.  There is never just one.  

Let's finish off last week.  Boys and their pops.
 Watching the lawn guys.
 For some reason the candy box was left within toddler reach.

 Practice on the wet, muddy field.  
 What do you want Eli?
 Oh that.
 Jason has been spending a lot of time with us.
 Now that's a lot of food.

 Eli pulls the Oreos apart and eats the filling.

 Ariel loves her new little baby dolls.

Brushing teeth time.  

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