Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Who Wants the Top Bunk?

 We went to the shore last weekend.  We had only planned to stay one night and did not bring a lot of clothes, but we ended up staying 2 nights.  The place had been cleaned the day before so it was unnecessary for the kids to sweep.
 But sweep they did.
 We got them outside so we could do some work inside.  
 We took a walk.  
 Judy and Steve were down, so we hung out at their house.  
 Right Eli?
 The neighbors were there too.
 New bathrooms to explore!
 Dinner at Bocca in Margate.  
 Then it was time for our first trip to the Dairy Bar for the season.
 The owner was glad to see us.
 This was the best shot out of 10.  I have to learn some tricks to get them to look.
 The prices went up again.  Four kiddie sized ice creams were way over $20!  
 Being silly at night.
 Is it bed time yet?
 So we weren't sure how bedtime would go.  It went pretty poorly.  The babies did not sleep, in fact, Eli ended up in our bed, which never happens.  Aden and Ariel had been fighting over the top bunk.  Turns out both of them were scared to go up there!  This is how we found them in the morning!  How did Ariel sleep that way?
 Where did you sleep Eli?  On top of mommy?
 Time to face the day.
 Not sure why they were playing in the front.  
 We had a nice breakfast at Hannah Gs.  
 Then we got a visit from Steve and Brody.
 What is that Noah?  Stay tuned for the rest of day 2.

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