Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cooper on the Field

Another wet cold day but by tonight it was noticeably warmer.  I am super sore from working out yesterday and I'm going again tomorrow!  I'm going to be huge before you know it.  Yeah right.  So our next project is to figure out why the upstairs is always so warm in the summer.  We have 2 zones but the blower for the upstairs is in the basement, which is not good and our attic has poor insulation and ventilation, which is worse!  We are going to need a new roof soon so we don't want to put too much work into it now.  I guess extra ice cream for everyone every night!

Last week, Ariel went to the dentist.  
 She asked him to write down in her book what he did to her mouth.
 Baseball game.  That is some bright red.
 Aden has trouble keeping his shirt tucked in.
 The ritual bubble gum.
 My big boy.
Here comes the ball!
Cooper is here!

 Aden's been having some trouble at the plate.  I think we need to hit the batting cages.

Good game guys!
 They were learning about recycling.  They peeled the paper off of broken crayons and put them in molds.  The teacher then put them in the oven and melted them to make new crayons.  
 The babies went with their buddy Nate to the Langhorne Library.

 It's good to try and keep them trapped.
 Just chillin'

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