Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The New Deck

What a rainy miserable day.  I had workout session number 5. When am I supposed to start seeing some changes to my body?  I guess all the sweets I have been eating doesn't help.  I wasn't sure it was even possible but the twins have gotten way crazier.  They just want to wrestle and throw everything they can get their hands on. Back to last week

Popsicle anyone?
Wrestling for the chair!
Look how Eli is fitting in with the big boys.

 We are getting a deck!  We only paid the deposit last September!  They finally started it.
 Here we go!

 All the kids, but especially Eli love to watch what's going on.  He keeps saying truck!
 Bye ugly steps.  
 Play time.

 We went outside for a bit.  New places to explore!
 Where are you going Nate?
 Push please!
 Back inside for treats...
 then art.

 I ran around getting two outfits together for the bat mitzvah on Saturday.  I hadn't bought a suit, shirt or ties in years.
 Somebody loves watermelon!
 Now that's a face!
 He wouldn't even put it down to play!
 Good night!

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