Monday, April 17, 2017

Passover Seder

Who is watching the Disney night of Dancing with the Stars?  Pretty entertaining.  We are letting the older kids stay up to watch. According to Aden we are still mean parents though.  All the neighborhood kids were out and we made Aden come in at 8.  They sometimes stay out till past 9.  What are those parents thinking?  It's a school night.  It's worse because Aden can hear the kids still playing.  

Back to last week.  We went to have dinner at Amy's parent's house to check out their new deck!

 The same people are coming tomorrow to start our deck.

 They did a very nice job.

 Chase the ball!

 We went to Passover seder at the synagogue with everyone.
 I didn't take many pics but we had a fun time.  The rabbi was a bit long winded though and kind of lost the crowd after a while.

 Ariel had so much fun hanging out with big girl Amanda.  
 Mr. Potato Head!
 Haircut time with Aden and daddy.

 Amy and I took the twins to see my grandmother for her birthday.  She was very excited to see us.
 Sweet moments.  

 Her sister Norma joined us.  
 The boys are determined to steal one of these things.
 They were a hit with the guys.

 Come here for a kiss!
 Happy 97th Birthday Bubbie!

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