Sunday, April 9, 2017

Holding Hands

It's Sunday night.  I had quite an adventure this weekend which will take me a while to recover from.  I will get to that story later.  It was busy for everyone.  Baseball started on what had to be one of the coldest days of the year and we Ariel and I got to shoot lasers at Aden.  The babies went to a new playground and Amy and I had a fun night out.  But we need to go back to last weekend...

Is this a face or is this a face?

Ariel went to a playground while I took Aden to a birthday party.
 Back to Sky Zone.  They are building a trampoline place much closer to our house so hopefully we won't be back here too often.  It's just too far.  Aden got right into dodgeball.
 A lot of his buddies were on the other team.
 My mini me.

 Time for weird square pizza.

 Happy Birthday Conner!
 My handsome guy.
 Always busy.

 Noah's turn to swim.
 There's our stowaway.
 I tried a floatie on him.  Worked pretty well.

 I just noticed they were holding hands.

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