Monday, April 24, 2017

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's Monday night and Aden had a crazy make-up baseball game.  It was way too cold.  I was thankfully able to get hot chocolate at the snack bar.  The other team was ridiculously good.  We were crushed.  We ran out of pitchers so Aden had a turn!  He's never pitched before so that was a riot.  More on that later.  Our deck is coming along.  The twins cannot wait to play on it.  Anyway, back to last week.

Parkour class.  I brought the telephoto lens and got a few shots.

 Nothing like an early morning swing.
 Ariel was the Star Student of the week!  She also wore her Belle dress.
 Showing Chloe her pretty nails.
 It's exciting to be the star student.
 I made a trip to lululemon.  I had never shopped there before but since I'm training at the gym now, I thought I would treat myself.
 This stuff is expensive, but I like it!

 A visit from my baby niece.
 Hey Gwen!
 The twins are ready to play!

 Happy Birthday to Me!  
 I caught you Eli taking a taste of my cake.

 Another year.
 Still tasting that cake Eli?
 Good night!

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