Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ocean City Easter Egg Hunt

Back to Saturday morning at the shore.  After breakfast, Aunt Judy took Ariel to get her nails done.  
Then we went to meet Ariel's friend Sydney who lives in Virginia and across the street from my parents at the shore.  The girls hadn't seen each other since Labor Day weekend and they were very excited to play.  

 They went back to Sydney's to play more and I went home to round up everyone else.
 We all met in Ocean City for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  They put out 185,000 eggs on the beach for the kids to find.
 It started at 2:30.  We got there at 2:32 and missed it all!
 The people were already streaming off the beach with their bags full of eggs.  
 Aden and I fought our way on but there was nothing left.
 That's crazy!

 Ariel was disappointed, she only got a couple.

 I was starving and was psyched to grab a slice of my favorite pizza.
 The babies made friends.
 Ariel and I enjoyed our Manco and Mancos.
 We ran into Aden's friend Brody.
 Couldn't leave without candy.
 A quick stop at a furniture store.
 Then it was time for bed.
 So a little different than the first night, they were back to fighting over the top bunk.  I told Ariel I would help her decorate the bottom bunk just for her and then she relaxed.  Have a great weekend!

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