Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ariel the Sharpshooter

It's late Sunday night and we are back from our first sleepover at the new shore house.  It got off to a rocky start but ended well and I think we are set up for the Summer now.  The kids didn't want to leave!  I will share those stories soon.  The only real bummers were that Juniors wasn't open yet and Eli smashed my phone!  Eli was really funny the whole drive home tonight.  He kept pointing at things, like cranes and McDonald's play areas and saying "Mom, whoa or dad whoa."  He kept us laughing.  Aden was off all last week and not looking forward to going to school tomorrow.  Ariel still has one more day.  Back to last weekend.  

We went out with the gang for a little pre-birthday dinner for me to KC Prime.  
 This is how I feel about birthdays.
 As long as I'm with my sweetie it's all good!
 Amy took the boys to a different playground in Newtown.

This was Ben's birthday party at Ultrazone lasertag, where Aden had his party.  They invited Ariel who of course had to come.
 They played some games.  They sure love to collect those tickets.
 Ariel did a great job!  She shadowed me.  

 So Finn here was chewing on the soda tab.  It got stuck between his teeth!  I had to run to CVS to get picks and floss.  That's Finn.

 What crap, I mean fun stuff can we get with our tickets?

 A visit from Carli.
 Big spider!

 Love those cool supermarket carts.
Are you ready for swim?
This was the last class of this session.  Not sure if we are going to do the next one because we would miss half of them.  

 What's the number for America's Got Talent?

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