Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Happy Birthday Bub!

It's Wednesday night.  Aden is still up at 10:30 making us catch up on the Goldbergs.  It's actually pretty cool that he wants to see the world was when I was a kid.  

It is my grandmother's 97th birthday today!  Amy and I went to visit her with the twins.  While she has the tendency to drive my mother and sister crazy, even they have to admit she's truly an amazing woman.  She's strong and smart and even has great skin! She has 10 great grandkids that she adores so we do whatever we can to get her to see them.  I also love watching her interact with her sister and friends.  Happy Birthday Bub!
Back to last week.  Amy took the boys to gymnastics and actually took a couple of pictures!

 Since it's been warmer after dinner we have been hanging out with the neighbors.
 Get off my bike!
 It's fun to watch all the kids of different ages play.

Look at this sky!

 Here is some of Aden's recent school work.  First are a few writing samples.

 Science test.

 Math test.
 He's doing really well!
 Reading in the high chair.

 Krispy Kreme Donuts.  Yum.
 They love to chase anyone around.

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