Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Aden's 9th Birthday Party

It's Wednesday night.  I have to be in the city at 8:00 for Continuing Legal Education classes.  That means I have to be up crazy early so let's bang this out!  Last Thursday we had the second try for Aden's birthday party.  Again there was rain in the forecast but this time it held out!  Our little man is getting big!
 Ready to party Eli?
 The boys went right to being crazy.  He didn't invite that many.  I think around 12.  Not like the old days when he would have his school friends, camp friends and Hebrew school friends.

 Ariel ran off with one of the moms.

So has been telling us he thinks he's fat and he wants to start working out.  He's nuts!  We need to work on that.
 Heather came to help.

 On the splash pad.
 Eva and Ariel had lots of fun.
 There's Gwen!

 I don't think Aden has ever gone up on this thing.  He really doesn't like being splashed.

 Love his cousin!
 Heather taught Noah to swim!

 He did great!
 There's little Alex and Jake.
 Hey Ali!
 Cake time.

 The boys were very silly.

 The twins love to shoot the water gun.

 The dark clouds finally came but it didn't rain!
 Present time!

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