Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fireworks on the Beach

It's Wednesday afternoon.  I'm getting an early start on this thing. It's super hot out.  The AC just can't keep up.  I hate the sound of it running.  We are going to attempt to go out to dinner.  That's so hard with this crew.  I cooked the last 2 nights and just couldn't stand in that hot kitchen again.  And if we go out, we don't have to clean up the mess!

Finally finishing off July 4th weekend.  July 4th itself was a lazy day.  
 We went to the playground and saw Julie's parents.  

 We had a quick visit from my cousins Jen, Mile and Sophie.
 Lot's of sitting around.
 Aden went to swim.  Ariel, Amy and I watched movies.
Then Ariel played with Sydney.
 So much for the kids to do!

We saw Cooper on the street.
 We met up with friends to see the fireworks on the beach.  
 This was actually right near us.  
 Ariel and Sydney
Aden and I
The Margate fireworks seem far away.
 Some snacks at the neighbors house.
 Finally back home we went to the school to play.

 Shopkins everywhere!
 Going to camp in the rain.  So sad!  It's still fun though!

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