Monday, July 24, 2017

Who Is In my Bed?

It's Monday night.  We had visiting day at camp today.   It's hard to run back and forth between Aden and Ariel's bunks.  Just wait till the twins are there!  Aden then had his late night.  We picked him up around 8 just as the crazy thunderstorms started.  He enjoyed his s'mores.  Let's finish off last weekend.  Somehow all the kids ended up in bed with a sleeping Amy.
 Juniors for breakfast.
 Love those waffles.
 Then it was beach time.  Jason took lots of selfies with his boys.
 Ariel was very serious.
 I got in on the picture.
 We had Lauren from home to help us out on the beach.  She's the one that used to help Amy with the twins during the day.

 A half decent family shot!
 Ariel made a friend.
Lauren played with Aden too.

 Aden is inching closer to the water.
 Ice cream time.

 We found friends.

Where is Noah?
 High school buddies and some of their kids.

 Have a nice day Eli?
 They were drinking from the faucet.
 Stay dry tonight!

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