Thursday, July 27, 2017

Puppy Charlie

It's Thursday night.  The weekend isn't looking so great.  How can we be having a cold, wet weekend the last weekend in July?  So not cool.  It's also the end of the fifth week of camp.  The twins and Ariel got their classroom assignments for Breezy Point.  Now we have to wait for Aden.  We don't know anything about the 4th grade teachers.  The twins will be ready though, they seem to know most of their body parts!

These will get us into last weekend.  A sweet moment before camp.
 The boys can play with the hose all day.
 We went to the shore late Friday night.
 Saturday morning was slow.
We saw puppy Charlie next door.  
 A quick trip to the beach.  
There was a sandbar so you could walk out really far.  And the water was close to 80!

 Fun cousins.

 Now that is a little bikini.  I hope we remembered her lotion.
 Hey Gwen.

Back to the pool.
 Not much to say.  

 Have a great weekend!  Stay dry!

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