Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Miss Marilyn's Hugs

Here's a big post.  Just trying to catch up a bit.  Last week the boys had their class.  Noah is tiny but his personality makes him seem bigger!

 He's good a following the teachers.
 My mini me.
 Nate loves his buddies.

 We caught the twins grooving to Miss Marilyn.  I need to send this to her.  

Don't know where he got those eyes from.
 Hanging on the deck.

 Dinner time.
 Book club.
 They have been soaked for a week.  This is all they want to do.

 Spray Heather guys!
 Our happy camper.
 Music class!  We really need to get the binkie and lovie away from Eli.
 And the lovie away from Noah.  
 Mrs. Maria is not going to allow them to have those things in September.  

 Love those hugs.

 I love playing with all of these instruments as much as the kids.  

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