Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ariel and the Rollercoaster

It's Sunday night and we are watching the Danish Girl.  Not sure what I think about it.  It so rare we watch movies these days, especially one so strange.  We had a quick shore weekend.  We came headed back early today just to try something different.  It's really hard to leave on Sunday nights.  Now it's pouring outside.  Hopefully the kids have a dry camp week.  Back to last weekend.   I left you at my parent's pool with Jason and Heather.  

We headed back to chill out for a bit.

 Some wrestling.

 Cute pic of the boys.  We need to get rid of that binkie.
 We headed to Ocean City.
 We had dinner at the Bashful Banana.
 It was way more crowded than it was July 4th weekend.
 The kids played some games.
 Ariel won!
 Then it was time for rides.
 Amy takes the kids on rides that spin.  I can't handle it.
 There they go!
 Kids and their fidget spinners.
 Roller coaster time.

 Ariel was scared at first then loved it.  Watch the video!

We actually bought this picture.  The faces are classic!
We couldn't leave without some Johnson's Popcorn.
 Aden started grooving on the boardwalk.

Time for bed!

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