Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sammy & Nate Visit

It's late Sunday night and we are back from the shore and all the kids are asleep.  It's time to unwind a bit.  We had two really nice beach days.  This is an exciting week.  It's Aden's 9th birthday!  

I'm like really behind here so here's a big post.  A week ago Thursday we went swimming at my in laws pool.  
 I should say all the kids went swimming.

 Nice moment.
 Gwen is going to be on the move soon!

 Kick kick, splash splash.  
 Mark and his baby.
 Mark and his first baby love.

 Someone likes cake.
 We picked the kids up early from camp Friday and headed to the shore.
 We stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond and for dinner on the way.  
 The view out back.
 This took a while.
 We made it!
 The car was stuffed!  
 Saturday morning we ran some errands.

 Look who it is, Sammy!
 And Nate!
 Why so serious Nate?
 We headed over to my parents for lunch and to swim.

 Sammy checked out Aden's robot.
 It was a little chilly but Todd and I went in the with the kids.

Even the slide got some use.
Jordyn the babysitter is awesome.  So helpful.  

Sam wanted an underwater shot.
I selfie to prove I was there!
Crazy boy Noah throwing himself down the slide.

Back to the house to get ready to go to Ocean City!

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