Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Eli and Moose

It's Tuesday night.  We all had a tough day.  The twins were up at 4 and didn't go back to sleep!  Plus it was hot.  Hopefully everyone stays asleep tonight.  Aden's birthday is Thursday.  Woo hoo!  We are still working on the favors to give out at his party.  Ok, let's finish off last weekend already.  

After Nate and Sammy left we went over to the pool.

Ahhh.  Nothing like a banana fudge.
It's hard to tell from this picture but Casel's was insanely crowded. The line to check out went around the whole place but I needed to get stuff to grill.
 Playing with Aden's hat.

 Hey, you can't take it back!
 So major bummer.  The propane tank had a leak and it was too late to get another so the stove got it's first real workout!
 There is a lot of wrestling on that sofa.  We need to get a carpet quickly because everyone seems to end up on the floor.
 Moose and Jordyn came for dinner.

 The boys had fun with Moose.

 I love this video.

The next morning Ariel was taking care of her babies.
 The twins assumed their usual position.
 Playing ball with mommy.  
 So how about this.  The twins fell asleep and Jordyn stayed with them.  Aden and Ariel went to my parents.  Amy and I were free!
 We went to the beach alone for the first time in maybe 9 years!  We got a good hour and a half of relaxation!
 Uh oh, they are up.

 We went to Aunt Judy's for dinner.
 The boys were all over the place.
 Ariel was cranky, but very patriotic!

 She made a new friend.

 We had a great time and ate a ton!
 Proud of my boys!

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