Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Monkey Bread

It's Monday night.  It's really late, so let's just get this going.  Back to a week ago Saturday.  We came back from the pool, got ready and headed to Ocean City.  Ariel always hates being alone in the back of my car.  This time she was excited to have Jordyn with her.
It was Todd and Ali's first time to Ocean City!  Aden started off by showing them how to get free fudge samples.
 It was a bit hazy and cool and not overly crowded for July 4th weekend. 
 Noah is trapped!
Enjoying yourself Eli?
 We fed the kids then headed back outside.
 What were we watching?  A crazy roller coaster!
 Are these people nuts?

 Todd and I sampled some of the fun food.  Starting with Monkey Bread.
 Then Manco and Manco's pizza.
 Johnson's popcorn, which Ali couldn't get enough of.
 Then Kohr's Custard.
 I like Bev's shot of this better than mine.

 It was a fun night but time to head back and get the kiddos to bed.
First some wrestling.  Aden was a good sport and let all the little one pile on top of him.
 Ali tested out Sammy's bed.
 This is how I found them in the morning.  The big kids slept well.
 Slow to get going.
 Todd and Ali went out to get the Junior's Doughnuts!
 Ariel can have fun with anyone.
 Thanks for cleaning Eli!
 Now enjoy your doughnut.

 Silly Sammy.
 Beach time!

 It was a beautiful day.  

 Nate had fun.

 Back to the house.
 It's a lot of work cleaning up after the beach.
 Sammy and family left after he and Ariel got a little patriotic.

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