Thursday, July 20, 2017

Skinny House

Well we finally had Aden's birthday party.  The rain held out to the very last minute.  Everyone had a great time swimming, splashing and eating at the NAC.  I will have tons of pics to share eventually. I'm still a week behind!  Last Friday Aden took a pic with his balloon from the rained out party.  He was wearing is talent show outfit.  
 Ariel did not want to get out of bed.

My friend is a counselor at Aden's camp and sent this video of Aden's performance.  He did great!  Get's his moves from me!

Ready to go to the shore Noah?  
 We stopped for dinner on the way down.  
 There's cake in there spinning around!
 This gym has a lot of ducks in the window.  Not really sure why.
 We got down late and Jordyn helped us get the kids to bed.
 Saturday morning the twins drove their trucks across the fun carpet.
 We took a walk around the block and saw how skinny our house looks from the back.  

 There's big Brody!
 Hanging on the balcony waiting for our friends.  
 Here they are!  Jason and Heather and Jake and Ryan.
 The boys got along well.
 Ariel had her Jordyn.  
 Let's go to the pool!
 It was already late and cloudy so we went to the pool instead of the beach.
 Mr. Cool.
 Everyone jump in!

 The twins were extra silly.

 Good shot Aden!
 Jason had a lot of fun with Ariel.
 The underwater thing got some use.
 Eli sits himself down on this chair a lot.
 Cool shot.
 Have a great weekend!

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