Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Breaking Out the Sixers Jacket

It's Wednesday night.  Break has begun for the kids.  It's after 10 and they are still up.  Yay us.  I mean, please help us.  

Last Wednesday was a cold morning but we still walked the kids to school.  
Frost on the house.  

That night, I had a guy's night.  Dave took me to the Sixers game.  My first in many years.  First we stopped at South Street Slouvaki for dinner.  It's one of both of our favorite places.  It was yummy.  
We then went to the stadium.  I finally got to wear my Sixers jacket!

Great seats!
Could really see the players well.  
We were losing the whole game but it was still fun.  
The new scoreboard is wild.  
Dave and I.  
Wandered the halls at the break.  The whole place was renovated.  It looked great.  
That's Meek Mill in the front row.  
It was very entertaining watching the fabulous people in the first couple of rows.  
We tied it with 30 seconds left but still lost.  It was fun anyway.  


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