Sunday, December 12, 2021

We Made it to Orlando

It's Sunday night.  We really did not have any plans this weekend but we still ended up being so busy.  The posts this week are going to be huge.  They will include the trip to Florida.  Here is last Saturday and Sunday.  

Saturday morning, the boys loved what the elves did.  They were totally fascinated by the filmstrip projector.  

They watched Bambi.  
Had some popcorn.  

Eli became the projectionist.  
He made popcorn bowls for everyone.  
Aden had his first basketball game at 9:30 am.  
He has a bunch of buddies on his team.  
And he played other friends.  He's on Finn here.  

He prefers defense.  When he gets the ball on offense, he doesn't know what to do.  

I took the twins to a new playground.  

Then we went to Nina's Waffles in Doylestown.  
Choices choices.  
Nothing beats waffles and ice cream.  

That night was quiet.  
Ariel had a birthday sleepover at Ashley's.
Honey wished us good morning last Sunday.  
The elves are running out of ideas I think.  
Kind of lame.  

We left for the airport around 10.  We left the three boys with the grandparents and Heather.  
Giulz flew with us. 
On our way!
Flying out of Trenton is great when everything goes smoothly.
Thankfully, it was a quick, easy flight.  
We were staying at the new Universal Endless Summer Resort.  
The view from our room.  

Ariel found her friends right away.  
We left her at the pool and went to dinner.  
We went to City Walk, the shopping and food area between the 2 Universal parks.  It's such an effort.  It's a short bus ride but they leave you off across the highway.  You go up an escalator then across a huge bridge.  
Then you are in City Walk, which is huge and has a river running through it.  The two Universal parks are on the far side of course.  
Turns out the restaurant wasn't even there!  We went to the wrong place.  
Luckily, it was a short boat ride to the Hard Rock Hotel.  
We had a very nice dinner.  

We headed back to find Ariel watching a movie with the girls.  
While we were there, Aden was at a bar mitzvah at home.  He had the best time.  He ran into our friend Aron, who was his camp counselor years ago.  Aron kept an eye on Aden for us.  
Mark picked him up.  
And he slept over their house.  Honey was so happy!
Best buds.  


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