Monday, December 13, 2021

Day 1 Universal

Wow, this is a doozie.  Last Monday, we got pictures from home.  The elves had one more night of craziness.  
Hanukkah was finally over.  
We got up super early and headed over to Universal.  

We started at Islands of Adventure.  
It was way cooler there than I remembered it.  
We walked through Dr. Seuss world.  
The coaches!
First stop was Harry Potter world.  This was the town of Hogsmead.  It looked so cool!

There is Hogwarts Castle!

We did the ride inside the castle.  It was a crazy movie ride. 
Then we did the little roller coaster outside.  
I finally had some Butterbeer.
It was yummy!
We then took the Hogwarts Express to Universal Studios and the rest of Harry Potter.  
Looked just like the movie!
The inside of the train too!
The windows were screens that showed us the English countryside.  

We made it to London!
We ran out of that area and met friends at the Men in Black ride.  

There they are up there.  
Their view of us!
We shot a bunch of Aliens.  
Cheer time!
The Simpsons ride was amazing.  Another movie ride.  

We had lunch around there and then a huge doughnut!
Dori and Ariel ate most of it.  
The Simpsons Ride used to be Back to the Future.  The props were still there.  
ET the Ride.  
More cheers.  
This was a little coaster.  
The twins would have loved this area.  

Curious George!
It was crowded there.  We bought fast passes but turns out we didn't really need them.  
The Blues Brothers!
New York!

The Jimmy Fallon ride was fun.  A virtual race through NYC.
Yeah, not going on that one.  
The Donkey from Shrek was very funny.  He talked to Dori and Ariel.  

They like Scoobie Doo.  

The Walk of Fame
Marylin Monroe!

This might be one of my new favorite pictures.  The Universal ball spins so it's hard to get just right.  
The sun was setting.  
We had dinner at Margaritaville.  It was all Jimmy Buffett music the whole time.  

Why don't we live in Florida?  It was in the 80s.  Beautiful.  
Voodoo Doughnut.  
What to get.  

I think we chose poorly.  I didn't love either of them.  
That night, the girls met for a late night practice.  
A glorious night. 
Coach Lynde was all business.  She told the girls they were being too crazy in the hotel.  

Ariel is getting more confident flying.  

The girls got special gifts up in coach Lynde's room.  New hoodies and new bows to wear for the competition.  
Here they come to show us!
Go Ariel!


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