Sunday, December 19, 2021

First Day of Tennis

It's Sunday night.  The week before Christmas.  I guess that means the end of the year is coming too.  The kids have 3 more days of school this year.  What will we do with them for a week and a half?  

Last Saturday, I noticed this was posted by the school.  That's the principal as the Elf on the Shelf.  Funny.  
Coach Lynde's thoughts on the Nationals.  
Just something funny.  
That morning, they had a Christmas breakfast at my gym.  Casey, my trainer, was Elsa!
Aden had a basketball game.  
He's still preferring defense to offense.  

The game went into overtime and we won!
Ariel and the twins had their first day at tennis in Washington's Crossing.  
None of the three knew what they were doing.  
Sam will show Ariel what to do.  

Ariel missed every single ball that was hit to her.  Oh well.
We had fun hanging with friends while we waited.  
I took Ariel to Bellamy's house later.  Ariel loved her baby Yoda squishamellow.  

That night, we fly paper airplanes outside.  
I am not a coffee drinker but Amy is.  She recently started liking cappuccino so I got her a cappuccino maker.  I decided to make myself one, after dinner.  So that's what caffeine is.  I was so wide awake until 2 am.  

It was warm that night!
Ariel and Bellamy came back late and Bels slept over.  

Good night girls!


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