Thursday, December 2, 2021

Slumber Party

Last Friday was Ariel's slumber birthday party.  We finished cleaning up the basement early.  Hasn't looked like that in a long time!
The tent lady came and set up.  

So pretty!

I took the twins to Chuck E Cheese.

Unlimited play is a great creation!

Back to the house.  Eva came over to help Ariel set up.  
Ariel had a party schedule!  Could she keep to it?  We would see.
There were 6 girls that came.  Eva, her cousin, Alex from the neighborhood, Peyton and Emma from school and Emily and Harper from camp.  
First activity.  Who knows Ariel the best?

Then Amanda came to do dance and cheer with the girls.  
She taught them a dance.  I can't post a video because of the music.  It would get taken down.  

Good job girls!
The girls showed us some of the dances they made up and TikToks.  

Then we had pizza and an Ariel crossword puzzle.  

Bye Amanda!  Thanks!
We got all the girls matching pj's with their names on them.  
Bingo time!

Ariel blew out her candle, then we had cake and sundaes.  
The girls went crazy with all the toppings.  

Emily does not like to use a spoon!
Eli got a toy stuck to the ceiling. 

Silly girls.

Time for presents.  They actually kept to the schedule.  

Needless to say, she loved everything!

She has just a few Squishamallows.  
The cute gang.  

Then they did some cheer.  

Harper was the most excited to go up.  

Apples to Apples.  

We tried to get the girls to bed around 10.  

But then they insisted on popcorn and a movie.  

This didn't last long.  
Back to making TikToks.  Amy and I fell asleep.  The girls told us they went to bed between 2 and 3!  Have a great weekend! 


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