Monday, December 27, 2021

Airborne Party

It's Monday night.  Can the kids please go back to school now?  Not quite sure how we are going to make it till next Monday.  

Last Sunday, Ariel had cheer practice at Airborne then her holiday party.  The whole crazy team.  
The coaches.  
Too cool Ariel.  
They had some fun goodies.  

Meanwhile, back at the house, I tried to change the filter on the whole house filtration system.  I was unsuccessful.  The water was off for many hours while I tried to fix it then my neighbor tried to fix it.  Then my dad's friend Tony came and worked on it.  
I wish there was a way to bypass it when I worked on it but there isn't.  The pipes are so old and brittle.  It would be hard to replace.  
The neighbor kids came with Jon.  

I had to take Eli to Home Depot to get supplies.  I totally forgot he had been wanting to go to Home Depot to get stuff so he could build a maze in the backyard.  I don't even know how he knows about that place.  We were in the store and he asked where we were.  I helped him read the sign and he was like "we are at Home Depot!"  He then ran around trying to gather things.  It was hard to get him out of there.  
When we got home, I caught Eli on the outside cameras putting out fireworks!  I put a stop to that.  
I taught Ariel how to make lattes.
Some trains to end the evening.  


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