Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Ben Survived Thanksgiving

Last Tuesday, the elves made a big display of all the lights they could find.  
They even wrote out the kid's names with a Light Brite.
Eli was mesmerized.  

I saw Ben the turkey!
He survived Thanksgiving!
They sent this from school.  
Walking up to school to get the kids. 
We had guitar and piano lessons.  
Digging for fossils.

Ariel had Hebrew school, then went to the Hanukkah Hop.  
But only for a little while, she had to get to cheer.  
Time to open more presents.  

Coach Lynde went to each girl and told them about their strengths.  
They then showed us the whole updated routine.  It looked great!  
The elves had a swim party that night!
Last Wednesday, the twins found the mess the elves made.  
I saw a police procession that day.  
We got the performance info for Nationals.  There are about 200 teams per day over 3 days.  We are 105 on the 3rd day.  About 2:40.  
Coach Lynde said to pack this stuff in our carryons.  
And this stuff in the suitcases.  
Where are the twins?  

The older cheerleaders came to watch our girls do their routine.  
Lighting candles that night.  

Lots of new games to play.  


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